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What's the point of MySliceofPi?

MySliceofPi.com is intended to be a fun way to do a few different things. It can be a place to promote whatever you want and send traffic to a website or blog (or whatever else you plan to link to). You can also use it as your own little Internet billboard where you can change the message as often as you like. Whether you choose to commercialize that space or not is up to you. Maybe you'll just want to put a personal message for your friends. It's yours to do with as you like. It's your slice of Pi.

How would I use a slice of Pi?

We have a few ideas for you. Check out the Pideas page. If you have another Pidea, let us know and we might add it to the page. Just email us at Pideas@mysliceofpi.com.

How much does a slice of Pi cost?

Just multiply the available number by 1 and that is the price in dollars. For example, digit position 7 is a 2. So the price for digit position 7 is $2.00.

What's the deal with the different prices?

The higher the number value, the bigger the number size is in the Pi number strand. Notice the 0's are very small compared to the 9's. So, you are paying for priority visual space with the higher numbers. We think it is worth a few extra bucks to get more eyeballs drawn to your slice.

How much does a zero cost?

Since zero times zero is zero those are free for the taking... unless you really want to pay for it, then we'll take whatever you want to give.

How do I purchase a slice?

To purchase a slice, click the BUY NOW link on the homepage. Sometimes, if someone else is purchasing a slice, you will have to wait for another to become available. After starting the purchasing process, simply give us your website link address, message text, color, and email address. Next, proceed to the PayPal payment page and complete your purchase. Keep in mind you must complete every step within 3 minutes, or the digit is back on the market.

What if I make a payment after the 3-minute timeframe?

Occationally, a payment is made for a digit that has already been placed back on the market. If this happens, we will refund the purchase amount to the buyer and encourage them to give it another shot and be quick.

What if I am just not quick enough?

If you find that you just cannot make it through every step within the 3-minute timeframe, try giving a short, temporary website link and message when creating your slice. After you complete the purchase, you can always come back and edit your slice.

Can I change or edit my slice?

After you purchase your slice, it is all yours. You will receive an email with login information. Simply login to the edit page and change your link, hover message, and color of your slice to your liking. You can even transfer the digit to someone else by changing the email address if you wish.

How come the 3.14 at the beginning of Pi aren't for sale?

Most people know Pi as 3.14 so it seems like those are kind of special and therefore haven't made them available. Maybe one day they'll go up for sale.

How long do I own it?

Forever... or as long as the website is alive, whichever comes first. We promise the site will be up for at least three years.

How would I rent my slice?

Just let it be known on your slice's message that the space is for rent. Provide an email address or a link so the interested person can contact you. Just remember, whatever you do outside of with your slice is between you and the other person. Be careful that you don't get taken advantage of.

How would I sell my slice?

Just like a rental but you will turn over the ownership by assigning the digit a new email adress on the "Edit My Slice" page. A new password will be assigned and a welcome email will be sent to the new owner. Once the new owner gets the new password via email they can change it to their liking and secure their new slice. Don't forget our warning above either. You don't want to give the password to some stooge who says he's going to pay you and then doesn't.

How can I promote my digit?

There are all kinds of ways to promote your slice of Pi.
After you purchase a digit, login to the edit page and grab customized codes to promote your slice.
Grab a chicklet (check out the bloggers page) and post it to your blog or website.
Tell all your MySpace friends.
Make a video and post it on YouTube.
Make it part of your email signature...something like:

Joe Slice
Check out digit __ at MySliceofPi.com