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Not sure what to do with your slice of Pi?

Maybe one of the Pideas below will give you a little inspiration. We're always looking for new Pideas. Send your Pideas to: pideas@mysliceofpi.com. We'll be sure to give credit where credit is due if we use your Pidea. If you own a slice of Pi we'll mention that too.
Sell a slice: when you're full of pi, sell your slice to someone else
Political pi: promote your candidate
Rent a slice: rent your slice for promotion
insPiration: provide a word of wisdom
Ad slice: promote your blog or business
Party Pi: announce an upcoming event
Take this slice and shove it: resign from your job
Birthday Pi: create a birthday greeting
Sweetie Pi: tell someone you like/love them
Piposal: ask someone to marry you
American Pi: write a message to a soldier
RSSlice: promote your blog feed
Fresh Pi: announce a birth
Pi on Fire: Break some news on your slice
Hire a Pi-er: Tell the world you're looking for a new job (and where to find your resume)
Need A Slicer: Got a job opening? Post the position on your slice.
HapPi: Share some great news
Public Slice Announcement: Promote a worthy cause
Give a Slice: Buy a slice, change the email address, and your friend gets the slice. [submitted by Chris, digit 8]
Americon Pidol: Root on your American Idol favorite. [submitted by Chris, digit 8]